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Traditional techniques, mostly thanks to graphite and a simple eraser, allow me to evoke an emotional landscape as a point of departure and arrival within a story. I found in figurative and non-fiction illustration my personal visual language, inspired both by the world of street photography and by great masters of Italian and international illustration. I conceive myself more as an artisan who puts her personal interpretation at the stories’ service.

what I do

  • customized portraits
  • book proposals
  • illustrated books for both children and YA
  • editorial illustration for magazines

01 - starting

make up your mind for me

Submit your idea via email or call. If you need help clearing your head, here are some questions to ask yourself before submitting your request:

  • What is it, and what is it for? (is it a portrait, an editorial illustration for your magazine, a book proposal...?)
  • How big is it (A4, 10x14cm...) and how manythey will be? (if it’s more than one illustration,how many units will they be?)
  • When is the deadline? (tomorrow? two weeks? in a month?) 

02 - let's work together

PDF presentation and work setup, rework and drafts

some of the things we will define together:

  • internal timing and deadlines
  • numbers of rework
  • technical questions and issues for what you need 
  • contract and copyright stuff

I will rely on this information and other material to draw up a customized quote for you!  

following the timing that we have agreed, my first task will be to present a pdf with one or more proposals about your request.

Then I’ll start working on the final delivery.

03 - final delivery

you will receive a JPG and a PNG, in addition to the original processed (if agreed). 

please note

  • reworks will not be infinite; makingmore adjustments than what we establishedat the beginning is going to have an additionalcharge 
  • When the project is over I will deliver a nice illustration in PSD format or high quality JPG. I will notdeliver the originals or layered PSD files.
  • I do my best to always deliver on time. I expect the same from my customers.
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