Art Direction & Concept Creation

Key Concepts and ideas

During 2021 I have worked at CABINAA as Creative Concept Designer and Art Director - taking almost full responsibility for everything that concerns visual communication, art direction, and concept creation. 

Mostly, we've worked with other international agencies to develop unique events and experiences through creative tech and new media art, in many occasions we have been selected as shortlisted in advertising competitions.

Some clients we have worked with: Maserati, Aprilia, BMW, Bottega Verde, Furla, Netflix, Effie Awards, ONU-United Nation, Publicis International, Boffi&De Padova, Chanel, Diesel, Paul Smith, Campari

Skills and responsibilities:

  • mastering brands communication in order to build an entire live and digital experience around it
  • crafing stunning presentation decks and KV
  • developing visuals and animated illustrations for better understanding of specific mechanisms and paths
  • guiding and directing executive works and productions - giving advice and guidance to my fellow colleagues in order to meet the deadline and in perfect conditions
  • understanding briefs, finding concepts and ideas that could be suitable for all kinds of executions on various media
  • moodboarding and storyboarding
  • coordinating visual assets on production set

Selected Clients

Editorial Plans for Social Media and Campaign Proposal

While working at Havas Milan, I began shooting, editing and designing several editorial plans for social media, while being under different creative directors.

It has been a real challenge for me to create engaging and well-designed content following the client's brief each month, and I enjoyed the process. 

Here you can find some of the clients I worked for, and a few examples of what I did.

Selected Clients

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